Jagdish Chandra Bose – Indian polymath: Physicist, Biologist, Botanist, Archaeologist, and Science fiction writer.

Pioneered use of radio and microwave optics with the first use of semiconductors.
In Biophysics – 1] Plant autographs and their revelations, 2] Responses in living and non-living, 3] The nervous mechanism of plants and 4] Plant responses as a means of Physiological Investigation.

Charles Darwin – Biologist, Mathematician


An excellent observer, particular his meticulous, methodical and careful way of analysis, experimental and observation as seen in his studies on plants (1] insectivorous plants, 2] power of movement in plants) and his work on relation between human and animal emotions.

Alan Turing – Mathematician and Biologist. A true forward thinker, visionary, humility and genius.

Math – Broke the German “Enigma Code”  during WWII, Laid the concept of Computing machines/computers and father of artificial intelligence.
Biologist – Pioneer in mathematical modeling – explanation of morphogenesis (shape formation) in developing embryos and patterning signals during embryonic development

Boris Belousov – Chemist/Biophysicist –


Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction which forms the basis of non-linear dynamics in biological systems and draws to light the self-organizing nature and random patterning in biological systems.

Michael Levin – Computer Scientist, Geneticist and Biologist

For rejuvinating the field of biophysical signaling and its role in developmetal and regenerative patterning in biological systems and for personally being my mentor.

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