I am a Research Scientist II at the Allen Discovery Center at Tufts University. My research focus is on understanding how bioelectrical signals (ion fluxes and membrane voltage patterns within somatic cells) control embryonic neural system (brain and eye) development, regeneration, and repair. Using Xeopus laevis (frog) as the model system, my research combines novel biophysical approaches and state-of-art imaging (voltage-reporter dyes and optogenetics) with developmental biology, neurobiology, molecular biology, and computational approaches to discover the basic principles underlying bioelectric control of brain and eye development. This knowledge will give us the capability to use bioelectric signal manipulation for neural regeneration and repair in cases of birth-defects, traumatic injuries, diseases, and cancer (all of which can be seen as issues of loss of shape information). This knowledge will also help develop new pharmaceuticals (drugs targeting ion channels - ionoceuticals) and will have long term impact in bioengineering.   

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Allen Discovery Center

at Tufts University

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